As part of our overall training portfolio, we are offering some short courses which will cost £45 for NUJ members and £60 for non-members.  These courses will be 3 hours long and run either from 9.30am-1.30pm or 2pm-5pm.  For availability and further information please contact

 PaypalYou can pay for these courses securely using the links below:


Non members CLICK HERE

Media law for bloggers

Anyone can publish a blog nowadays. But with these great powers come new responsibilities. As a publisher bloggers must stay within the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Media Law for Bloggers provides guidance for those new to blogging or want a refresher course on how to stay on the right side of the law with their blogs. Pitfalls to watch out for including defamation, invasion of privacy, breach of copyright and contempt of court.

Social Media Law

Do you really want to retweet that? Is it safe to post that hyperlink? Is ignorance a defence? Can I “borrow” that photo?

Social Media Law gives an introduction to the law for social media users and how to avoid prosecution or being sued over misuse of social media.

Sound recording

This gives an introduction to audio recording for video journalists.  It covers the use of audio recorders used in conjunction with filming, types of microphones commonly used including use of radio mics.  It looks at sound recording techniques .  Editing recorded items onto basic editing software and basic editing.


Lighting is generally only touched on in VJ courses.  This course will look at the various techniques that can be employed by using basic lighting kits in simple filming situations.  Would be useful as an additional course to Multi-Platform Video journalism or DSLR courses.

Additional editing

Gives the opportunity to do more editing following the DSLR and MP courses learning more of the functions of avid and helping to increase speed and confidence.

Health and Safety

A combination of an online module and a practical half day session to familiarise members with the range of H and S requirements and responsibilities within the industry.  (online plus half day)

Internet security

A range of techniques, hints and advice to everyone using social media, internet banking, cloud devices etc within journalism.   How to avoid being taken to become streetwise on the “super highway” as the internet was once referred to.


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