Course content

Introduction:  The role of the NUJ for journalists and journalism; How it affects media law; The NUJ Code of Conduct

Newsgathering – understanding sources of information and potential pitfalls:  Data Protection Act; Freedom of Information/ Freedom of Information (Scotland) Acts

Dangers for Journalists, including:  Defamation; Contempt of Court; Copyright Infringement – including use of images, fair dealing, status of contributed articles; Breach of Privacy/Confidence

Court Reporting: Access and restrictions; What not to report

Protecting Privacy and Confidence:  What is private/reasonable expectation of privacy; The Law of Confidence; Protecting Your Position; Headings for Checklist to maintain audit trail

Leveson – where are we now?:  Discussion of the latest position re media regulation; Scotland situation; Responsible Reporting Guidelines/Ethical Issues; Useful guidance on appropriate terminology for specific situations/groups; Reporting mental health/suicide; race reporting/travellers; disability

Qualifications:  No formal qualifications required.

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